Matteo Bettini

Matteo Bettini

PhD Candidate

Prorok Lab

University of Cambridge

Hello! 👋

I am Matteo, a PhD student in the Prorok Lab at the University of Cambridge.

With my supervisor, Amanda Prorok, I study resilience and heterogeneity in multi-agent and multi-robot systems. For my research, I employ techniques from the fields of Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning and Graph Neural Networks.

Prior to my PhD, I investigated the problem of transport network design for multi-agent routing.

Download my CV.

  • Multi-Robot Systems
  • Heterogeneous Multi-Agent Learning and Coordination
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Graph Neural Networks
  • PhD in Computer Science, Present

    University of Cambridge

  • MPhil in Advanced Computer Science, 2021

    University of Cambridge

  • BEng in Computer Engineering, 2020

    Politecnico di Milano


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